Saturday, February 1, 2020

Climate Change Impact on Agriculture Research Paper

Climate Change Impact on Agriculture - Research Paper Example This paper illustrates that scientists have recorded a global rise in temperatures that influenced a series of negative events on the earth’s weather patterns. Currently, there is a significant rise in sea level, melting glaciers and intensifying rainstorms. Today, climate change is more profound than what previous generations had to endure resulting in a series of challenges to the world, particularly in the agricultural field. Climate is a dynamic system resulting from physical and chemical interactions in the earth’s structures. The Earth is made up of the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere. The physical and chemical interactions of these structures result in the climate of a region. The atmosphere is part of the climate system that affects the earth directly. This is owing to the spherical nature of the earth. The sun heats up the earth, with more intensity on the equator and less intensity at the poles. This uneven heat distribution gen erates wind that carries the heat from the equator to the poles. The heat is also distributed from the upper-level surface of the atmosphere to the lower level of the atmosphere. The ocean correspondingly distributes heat but at a much slower pace than the atmosphere. The carbon cycle is a chemical exchange resulting from the interaction between the earth systems. The ocean and the biosphere are reservoirs of carbon. 99.9% of the CO2 on earth exists in the lithosphere. Carbon flows among the various reservoirs. Mathez states that photosynthesis by plants and decay affects the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. This decaying and photosynthetic effect from the earth’s biosphere occurs after some time. Over a longer time frame, the ocean exerts a more dominant control on the atmospheric CO2. The ocean dominance is as a result of the amount of CO2 in the ocean that is 50 times more than the CO2 in the biosphere. The persistent balance that exists between the earth systems in the ca rbon cycle has maintained the conditions of the earth. It is as a result of this balance that the earth became conducive to evolution and survival of life. The interruption of this dynamic disrupts weather patterns and consequentially results in climate change.

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